Easy and delicious side dish of rice with turnip leaves and salmon


side dish of rice with turnip leaves and salmon



The leaves of turnips are characterized by their crunchy texture and fresh aroma, but there are probably people who eat only turnips and leave the leaves to dry out in the refrigerator. (That’s me…).

In fact, it is rich in nutrients such as β-carotene, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin C, and potassium.


The leaves are more nutritious than the turnip!

Today, I would like to introduce a recipe for a tasty side dish of rice using turnip leaves and salmon flakes.

Salmon is a flavorful and nutritious ingredient. Salmon flakes are readily available at Japanese supermarkets, so this recipe is easy to make even on busy days. If you are outside of Japan, look for it in Asian grocery stores.

The process is a mere three steps. Each ingredient is exquisitely combined and goes well with rice! Please give it a try!

Now, please enjoy the recipe!



My turnip leaves had dried out and turned yellow in the fridge…

  • Turnip leaves・・・100g (3.5 oz)
  • Salmon flakes・・・30g (1 oz)
  • Sesami oil・・・・1 tablespoon
  • Sesami・・・・・30g (1 oz)
  • Granulated broth・・・3g (0.1 oz)

Additive-free salmon flake

This is a recommended salmon flake available on Amazon Japan.

Ingredients are salmon and salt only, with no chemical seasonings, colors, or preservatives. It is made from 100% natural salmon from Hokkaido, so they are safe for children.

Many people may not familiar with granulated broth. It is made from ingredients with strong umami such as bonito and kelp, and is often used in homes because it is easy to prepare. It is often used in miso soup.


1) Chop the turnip leaves


Wash the turnip leaves and chop them.

Cooking Tips

Finely chop the leaves with a knife both lengthwise and widthwise.

2) Fry salmon flakes


Heat a frying pan, add sesame oil, add salmon flakes and fry them.

Cooking Tips

Blend sesame oil and salmon flakes well.

3) Fry turnip leaves


Stir-fry turnip leaves, then add sesame seeds and granulated broth. Stir-fry until turnip leaves are cooked.


Add some salt if you like!



Onigiri (rice balls) are also delicious! If you want to make onigiri, add some salt!

Recommended rice for this recipe

The rice recommended for this recipe is Koshihikari. Koshihikari rice has a strong sweet and savory taste and is chewy and sticky. It is a masterpiece of Japanese rice. Among them, Koshihikari produced in Niigata Prefecture is highly praised.

The crispy turnip leaves and the salty flavor of the salmon are a perfect match!

Excellent salmon flake you should try

Kashimaya is a long-established store founded in 1855 and is well known in Niigata. Kashimaya’s signature product is “Salmon Chazuke“.

It is a well-known product in Niigata and is often featured in the media, so it has many fans outside of Niigata as well. Many people become addicted to it after trying it once.

This is because “Kashimaya’s Salmon Chazuke” is different from ordinary salmon flakes. The fatty king salmon is carefully grilled, then broken into flakes. The juicy fat peculiar to salmon is soaked up in abundance, and the sweetness of the meat and fat are harmonized to create a mild melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The price is a bit steep, but you will be satisfied when you try it. It is also a great gift or souvenir from Niigata.

Products introduced in the article

Thank you for reading!


If you have turnip leaves, give it a try!



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