How big is 1 tan? Learn the units of rice paddies in Japan


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Japanese farmers use units such as “1反 (1 tan)” or  “1町 (1 Cho)” to describe the size of rice paddies. Let’s learn how big they are and how much rice can be harvested from 1 tan.

Units used by farmers in Japan

The units used by farmers include

  • 歩 (bu)
  • 畝 (se)
  • 反 (tan)
  • 町 (cho)

The size increases in the order of 歩 (bu) <畝 (se) <反 (tan) <町 (cho).

Non-farmers may not be familiar with this unit, but in essence, 1反 (1 tan) refers to one rice paddy and 1町 (1 Cho) refers to ten rice paddies.

How big is 1反 (1 tan)?

The following table summarizes how large each unit is. 1 tan (one rice paddy) is 1,000 ㎡ = 10763.9 ft² = 0.1 ha.

【Units and sizes】
Unit square metre (㎡) Square feet (ft²) hectare (ha)
1歩 (bu) 3.3 35.5209 0.00033
1畝 (se) 100 1076.39 0.01
1反 (tan) 1000 10763.9 0.1
1町 (cho) 10,000 107639.1 1

How much rice is harvested from 1 tan?


The amount of rice harvested from a single rice field is approximately 500 kg (1102.31 lb). Of course, it varies depending on the climate, etc.

If a bowl of rice weighs 150g (0.3 lb) and is eaten three times a day, 365 days a year, this is enough rice for about 6 people.




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