Is “Fufufu” tasty? Characteristics and Cooking Tips of Japanese Rice



Is “Fufufu” delicious?

What kind of rice is “Fufufu“? It is written “富富富” in Kanji and reads “Fufufu.” It is an impressive name, isn’t it?

Fufufu” is a brand of rice that has been awarded an “A” rating in the “Rice Taste Ranking” and is known for its delicious taste.

This article is about

  • What are the characteristics of “Fufufu”?
  • Is “Fufufu” tasty?
  • What’s the best way to eat “Fufufu”?
  • What is the point of cooking “Fufufu”?
  • Why is it called “Fufufu”?

There are many points to enjoy “Fufufu”!

Fufufu is from Toyama, rich in nature


Fufufu” is a brand of rice produced in Toyama Prefecture.

Toyama Prefecture has the Toyama Plain, which is rich in nutrients. It is also a mountainous area surrounded by the Tateyama Mountain Range and the Hida Mountains, and the mineral-rich melted snow water flowing from these mountains produces delicious rice.

Fufufu” is rice grown in a climate suitable for rice cultivation combined with the rice cultivation techniques cultivated by the people of Toyama since ancient times.

Fufufu is the fruit of 15 years research


Koshihikari is the most widely planted rice variety in Toyama Prefecture. Toyama farmers have been working to improve the variety with the goal of producing the best rice in Japan, which is as good as the rice produced in Uonuma. Specifically, the Toyama Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Center has quantified eight criteria for tasty rice (brown rice moisture, brown rice whiteness, etc.). Since 1995, Koshihikari rice produced in Toyama Prefecture has been improved to meet these eight minimum requirements and has been recognized as a source of delicious rice, receiving a special A rating in the “Rice Taste Ranking.

However, Koshihikari is susceptible to high temperatures, and global warming can cause a decline in quality. Therefore, looked for the way to produce tasty rice regardless of weather conditions. Through years of research, they identified the world’s first Koshihikari gene that is resistant to high temperatures. This gene was crossed with Koshihikari with shorter culms and is less prone to collapse, and the result was born. “Fufufu” is the fruit of 15 years of research efforts.

Origin of the name Fufufu


“富” means “wealth” or “abundance”. “Fufufu” expresses the fact that the rice is Toyama-brewed rice grown by Toyama water, Toyama land, and Toyama people. It also expresses our wish that people who eat the rice will smile and feel happy.


It is a wonderful name that makes me imagine eating delicious rice.

Features and Attractiveness of Fufufu

Fufufu” has the delicious taste of Koshihikari rice, but is resistant to high temperatures, has short grass, and is hard to fall over. It is also resistant to rice blast disease, which makes it possible to grow rice with less pesticide use. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of “Fufufu” to see how it tastes!

The characteristics of “Fufufu” are as follows.

  • Good graininess and light taste
  • Well-defined umami and sweetness
  • Each grain has luster
  • Good aroma after cooking
  • It does not become hard even when cold

Is Fufufu delicious?

In Japan, the “Rice Taste Ranking” is held annually by the Japan Grain Inspection Association. It is often used as a barometer of good tasting rice.

Fufufu” has repeatedly received the ranking of “A” in past contests.

✓What is “Rice Taste Ranking”?

“Rice Taste Ranking” has been conducted annually since 1971. In the test, a blend of Koshihikari rice from multiple production areas was used as the reference rice and compared to the variety from the area under the test.

The rice is evaluated as follows: “A’” for rice that is generally equivalent, “extra A” for rice that is particularly better than the standard, “A” for rice that is good, “B” for rice that is slightly inferior, and “B The results are compiled and published as a taste ranking every year.

Japan Grain Inspection Association

A delicious way to eat



Recommended recipes are introduced on the official website of “Fufufu” , although it is only available in Japanese.

Cooking Tips


The key to washing rice is to stir the rice in a circular motion rather than grinding it. Slightly less water is recommended.

The Market Price

The approximate price of “Fufufu” is as follows in Japan.

  • 2 kg (4.4 lbs) :1,300 yen ~
  • 5 kg (11 lbs):3,000 – 4,000 yen
  • 10 kg (22 lbs):5,500 – 6,000 yen

Where to buy and where to eat

Fufufu” is sold at rice stores, department stores, etc. throughout Japan. For a list of dealers, please click on the link below.

The restaurants where you can eat “Fufufu” are in Toyama Prefecture. And those outside of Toyama Prefecture are in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Aichi Prefectures.

Please note that they may not offer “Fufufu” depending on the time of the year.

Online shopping is recommended for heavy rice

Online shopping is recommended for heavy rice as it can be delivered to your home.



Thank you for reading to the end! Please enjoy the delicious food and smile fufufu!

For more information, please visit Fufu’s official website. English is also available.



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