Is “Seiten no hekireki” tasty? Characteristics and Cooking Tips of Japanese Rice


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Is “Seiten no hekireki” delicious?

What kind of rice is “Seiten no hekireki”? “Seiten no hekireki (青天の霹靂)” refers to a bolt out of the blue in English.

It has received an “Extra A” rating in the “Rice Taste Ranking”. Learn more about this highly regarded rice in Japan.

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  • What are the characteristics of “Seiten no hekireki”?
  • Is “Seiten no hekireki” tasty?
  • What’s the best way to eat “Seiten no hekireki”?
  • What is the point of cooking “Seiten no hekireki”?
  • Why is it called “Seiten no hekireki”?

The developer of “Seiten no hekireki” rice has been touting it as the tastiest rice variety developed in Aomori prefecture!

“Seiten no hekireki” is produced in Aomori Prefecture


Seiten no hekireki” is a brand of rice produced in Aomori Prefecture. Aomori Prefecture is rich in nature, with forests such as the Shirakami Mountains and Mount Hakkouda. In winter, there is plenty of snow, and in spring, melted snow flows into rivers and moistens the rice paddies. It is a prosperous rice-growing region that receives abundant blessings from nature.

However, “Seiten no hekireki” cannot be grown anywhere in Aomori Prefecture, but only in the Central Tsugaru and Northwest Tsugaru regions, which are suitable for its production.

Delicious rice that Aomori has perfected over the years

Aomori Prefecture is rich in nature, but has had a difficult time growing rice. “Koshihikari” is a popular variety of rice grown throughout Japan, but it is not suitable for cultivation in Aomori. In Aomori, where the temperature is low, photosynthesis is insufficient and the rice itself is not as tasty as it should be.

For this reason, Aomori has been actively engaged in breeding rice varieties that are resistant to low temperatures since the Meiji Era(1868-1912). The development of rice varieties has been a series of tedious improvements.

In the midst of all this, “Aoikei No. 187,” which has “Hitomebore” as its ancestor, received a “Special A” rating in the 2014 eating quality ranking, even though it was positioned as a reference variety.

It made its official debut in the fall of 2015 (2015) as “Seiten no hekireki“.

Is “Seiten no hekireki” delicious?

Seiten no hekireki” is rice with a good balance of stickiness and sharpness, and a taste that remains elegantly sweet.

Another indicator is the “Rice Taste Ranking” published by the Japan Grain Inspection Association.

Seiten no hekireki” has repeatedly received the highest ranking of “Special A” in past contests.

What is “Rice Taste Ranking”?

“Rice Taste Ranking” has been conducted annually since 1971. In the test, a blend of Koshihikari rice from multiple production areas was used as the reference rice and compared to the variety from the area under the test.

The rice is evaluated as follows: “A'” for rice that is generally equivalent, “extra A” for rice that is particularly better than the standard, “A” for rice that is good, “B” for rice that is slightly inferior, and “B The results are compiled and published as a taste ranking every year.

Japan Grain Inspection Association

Why “Seiten no hekireki” is so delicious


The “Aomori Rice ‘Seiten no hekireki‘ Branding Promotion Council” has established strict production standards for growing the rice, including production targets, planting areas, and cultivation and shipping standards. Producers are required to register with the council, and they must strictly adhere to these standards.

For example, production areas are limited to the Central Tsugaru and Northwest Tsugaru regions. Cultivation and shipping standards include a brown rice protein content of 6.0% or less at 15% and a pesticide use rate (ingredients) of less than one-half the normal rate.

These standards ensure that delicious, high-quality “Seiten no hekireki” is available to consumers.

What does “Seiten no hekireki” taste like?

Seiten no hekireki” has inherited the characteristics of its ancestor, “Hitomebore.

  • Grains are slightly larger
  • Good luster and soft whiteness
  • Moderately firm without being crushed even if kept warm for a while after cooking.
  • Good texture but not too heavy
  • Good balance of stickiness and sharpness
  • Elegant sweet taste

A delicious way to eat


Seiten no hekireki” was born in Aomori, a place rich in food ingredients. It goes well with any food. Enjoy it with fish, vegetables, meat, and other seasonal ingredients with your side dishes.

But if I may say so… since the rice has a refreshing and fresh sweetness, grilled fish is recommended. In particular, fatty seasonal saury and salmon go especially well with the refreshing sweetness of the rice.

The market price

The approximate price of “Seiten no hekireki” is as follows in Japan.

  • 2 kg (4.4 lbs) : 1,200 – 1,500 yen
  • 5 kg (11 lbs) : 2,000 – 3,000 yen
  • 10 kg (22 lbs) : 4,000 – 5,000 yen

Online shopping is recommended for heavy rice

Online shopping is recommended for heavy rice as it can be delivered to your home.

This one is already cooked, so it’s easy just to microwave it.


  • “Seiten no hekireki” is Aomori rice with strict production standards
  • Good balance between stickiness and sharpness, and a refined sweet taste
  • Awarded the highest ranking of “Special A” in the “Rice Taste Ranking”
  • Price range: 5kg (11 lbs) : 2,000-3,000 yen 10kg (22 lbs): 4,000-5,000 yen

Please refer to it and enjoy the delicious rice!



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